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Natalia from Brazil

Where to go? - January Blog

Hey guys, this is my first post and I'm really excited to give tips and share my experiences with you. Today I'll talk about how I chose where my exchange would be, my experience with it and some tips on how you can choose your future destination.

If you never travelled that far from home like me, you'll be just as indecisive as I was, when I was choosing where I wanted to go.

I started searching on the internet about countries, and I realized that I really wanted to improve my English. So that reduced my options to a few countries. My choice was to go to the United States because I was really interested to get to know the culture more. So now I need a state, right? The United States has 50 states with a bunch of different characteristics. How do I chose the one for me?

One of my criteria was the weather, as much as I like snow and really cold weather, I would probably be bored with it, so I wanted a climate similar to Brazil's .

Another criteria was that I wanted a place where I could practice my hobbies. One of the most important factors is that you have to enjoy your time there, so why not a place where you can do what you like most, right? I’m really into scuba diving and activities in the ocean, like surfing, kayaking and paddle boarding. So I decided that the coast of the country would be the perfect fit.

My other important criteria was about the school, if you are going to have an exchange like mine, you can choose your school too. So I asked myself, what subjects I wanted to study and which school district has them. The school is where you’ll be spending most of your time, be sure you’ll find the right fit for you.

Next, I went on youtube and started looking at exchange students' vlogs about their exchange experiences and where they were placed in the United States. I compared my wish list with those exchange students' cities and schools very carefully, resulting in my personal decision of going to San Luis Obispo, California and studying this amazing year at “The Home of the Tigers”, my school of choice.

To summarize how to choose, step by step.

  • Countries of preference and language;
  • Weather;
  • Consider your personal hobbies;
  • School district with subjects you want to try and study;
  • Check out social media to confirm if your choice is the one;
  • Start celebrating, you’re going to study abroad!!

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