Nguyen from Vietnam attending Red Mountain High School AZ


Xmas Carols - January Blog

This is a 6-minute-long video summarizing mostly all I did during Christmas 2016. The most exciting thing was the Christmas Carol...I had only seen it through some movies, but this year, I got a chance to enjoy the amazing Carol right in front of the door...

On Christmas Eve, my host mom took us to see the Temple Lights. People manipulated the lights so that they formed some appealing shapes. Also, the vital factor that accompanies with Christmas is the presents. Yes!!!!! I got a lot of presents, and so did my host family. I brought some dolls wearing the traditional outfit that Vietnamese women wear and made them as a present...For me, I got an awesome blanket that has some images of my host and me printed on it, some comfy shirts, bubble heads, and a bulk of candies!!!!

All in all, the Christmas was awesome! It felt great to have some family spirit. And, this is such an event that helps strengthen the bond between me and my host!!!!

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