Am I Ready for It

Nyugen from Vietnam

Am I Ready for It?

In August, while I was dragging my luggage on the roller to the airport gate, I turned around, and I suddenly realized… I would not physically see my parents for another next 10 months…

I remember when I was 6, I excitedly grabbed that superhero backpack and trotted around the school. I was both eager and anxious to be in first grade. “Who am I going to be classmate with? Does his backpack look as cool as mine does? Do any of these people play video games? Am I weird in this school uniform?”. And I went on and on. Of course, there was no backpack having the awesomeness as mine did, and I saw myself a little bit cheesy if I had to wear the same outfit every day to school. To me, school work was not really overloaded: I had my dad and mom done most of it (LOL!!!). I even woke them up while they were sleeping just to ask what ten plus five is, or how many apples do you have left if you have three apples and then take away one…

Then, I progressed toward sixth grade. I set goals for myself that I was going to be more mature, responsible, and discipline. And I guess those life-objectives didn’t work so well for a sixth grader that I gave up in no time. I was neither paying much attention in class nor putting effort into finishing my homework. I spent more time playing video games, laying in the bed and either sleeping, “smartphoning”, or staring at the ceiling for no reason. I also started to play soccer…and broke my wrist, had a fracture in my ankle, and sprained a million times (luckily, they all recovered). My mom was the one who always freaked out when I got injured and told me routinely to stop damaging myself and kept my body in good shape.

But the best part of all…is when I had a chance to be with my family all the time…

Every new school year…my dad would take us around the city. We would watch fireworks, bought apricot blossom pot, visited our relatives, played songs, ate out, and collected lucky money (and then gave them to my mom. Haha!). We would buy “Chung Cake”, watermelons, melon seeds, and all kind of food that nowhere could have. I would hang out with my friends in the neighborhood, be loud all the time, throw lighters into the fire and wait for them to make explosions (oh wow…).

I know that I will drive myself to another turn of my life…

I know, it sucks to be an adult. It is my 18-year-old year, and I don’t want to turn 18. Personally, it is terrible. I’m not ready for all kinds of those mature things. And what are they? They are college, money, relationships, jobs, … life!

I want my parents to wake me up every morning while I’m groaning and embracing my bed. I want them to take me to numerous places where we can have fun and….just be together…!

Saying that, I know it is going to be an amazing year. How? I…really don’t know. Maybe going to college and having a little bit freedom are not bad at all. And again, just like being a first grader: I am both excited and anxious now.

All in all, you will have to agree with me that even though you got spanked when you broke somethings, or when you got caught when you skipped classes, and you had to obey your parents and always tried to be a good kid, being immature is the best thing in the world, and I would do anything (not really) just to live back my childhood once again.

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