Trip to California


Trip to California - June Blog

This year, I luckily had a chance to go to California...
My host family took us to Mission Beach, Sea World, and Six Flags Magic Mountain. I recorded 2/3 of the whole trip except that I was not allowed to video at Six Flags. Therefore, besides all the fun that I had captured, I'd like to write a quick recap of my experience at Six Flags as a supplement to the video...

We were one of the first people that got to the gate before it was opened. Then we immediately ran to our first favorite roller coaster because we did not really want to wait in the line.

I would place X2 for the first place among the 5 roller coasters that we rode on. This was the best intense 1-minute trip in which I got rotated so I faced upward, and...of course...I felt like my brain was going to fly off at any moment ... 😂😂
The runner-up would be Goliath...✌️✌️The big drop down and 4,500 feet of track were worth the almost-2-hour waiting. It was super fun, and it seems to have the longest track so I would give it a thumb up for the riding time (y)
The third place would be the Tatsu. This flying roller coaster made me feel like a bird since I got rotated that I was facing...downward the whole time. The G-force could be sensed easily and the view was magnificent!!!
The Full Throttle would be the fourth place. Right before I got on the ride, I realized that this ride is the tallest and fastest looping roller coaster ... in the world!!! It loops at the height of 160ft at 70 mph, then it changes its direction halfway through....then it changes it back... The initial loop and the final drop were the best parts of the ride.
The VIPER was my last best roller coaster in the trip. I didn't look at the structure before I got on it, so it wasn't that scary. After I got off and had a quick peek at it... I was looping about 7 times and got some good old drops!!!

Overall, I am very thankful that my host family gave me an opportunity to discover new places, and surely that would become my once upon a lifetime memory during my experience in the U.S.!!!

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