Tips for Studying in the US

Girls study for a chemistry exam
by Rena from South Korea

Today, I’m going to be suggesting some tips on how to study at a US high school.

In fact, studying in another country can be really challenging. You do not speak English very well and it can be challenging to understand what is going on.

As a solution to these concerns, I would like to give you tips based on how I study for the test in America. Just keep in mind, there are many was to study for a test! Everyone is different.

1. Taking Notes

It is really obvious but really important. I assume that you’ve heard people (especially teachers) saying, “Every questions on the test is based on what you’ve learned in class.”

That is why it is important to really concentrate during class and take notes (in your own way) so that you can study later for the test. If the teacher uses PowerPoint or slides for her class, taking notes will be much easier. Listen and distinguish what is important and what is not. If it is, draw a star or underline it with colored pens.

If the teacher’s not using any materials in her class, this is when you must pay more attentions to the class. You must focus so that you don’t miss out anything. You got to write and listen at the same time. In this case, neat handwriting, different colors, organizing unnecessarily, etc. are useless. You need to try to write as much as you can from the class. At first, this might be hard for you, but as you keep doing it, you’re going to master this. The more you do it, the more you hear and understand.

When I was in Missouri, I went to a public school. It’s much easier to study in a public school than a private school in America. In America, you get this thing called “Study Guide” before the test. And that is what you have to study.

Now that I’m in Arizona, in a private school, it’s really hard to keep up with the grades. I think it is even more difficult than a regular private school. However, I think it’s better than Korea😊. My school that I’m going to right now gives out study guide with lists of words. So what I have to do is find information about the certain term from my notes. Also, no teacher in my school uses PowerPoint or slides in class so it’s really hard to take notes about everything. So this study guide requires going over my notes and writing down all about the words on it.

2. Asking questions

This is really important but not all people are good with this. I, am too, one of those. But it’s essential to ask question about something that you’re not sure about.

My school right now in Arizona has homework help for one subject each day. It is like a golden time (to express it as a metaphor), for anybody to come and get help on their study. If you guys have any chance like this, don’t hesitate and just go. Don’t be afraid of the fact that you don’t know because that’s why you went there. Just remember that you are there to learn. It’s going to be really helpful and effective if you use this time wisely. Also, some teachers give out some tips to study for your test so that sounds good, right?

It’s can make you feel embarrassed since you’re an international student. You might think about how you are not as good as the Americans in English and that it might be just you that doesn’t understand it. However, I found out that it depends on the person’s mindset. One can think that it is obvious that he/she doesn’t know since one’s from a foreign country and ask lots of questions with confidence, while the other might be really shy and give up asking about his/her curiosity. In the case of latter, I recommend you to go to the homework help. There are less students and sometimes it might be just you and the teacher, then you can ask whatever you want without hesitating, so there you go!

3. Internet

Lastly, it’s the internet. This is what you can use when you’re in a situation similar to this: you have a book in English class that your class is going over but you don’t understand the book because the class is moving on too fast. In this case, you would be concerned because it’s stuff for you to read it alone and also hesitating to ask the teacher.

That is when you go to “the internet.” You will be able to find tons of information such as the summary, book analyst, characters, etc. These will help you to take the test and get fine grades. Of course, finishing the book is really important. However, if you read the book, trying to understand every single part and look up every words that you’re not sure about, you’re going to end up reading it still after the test. You can read and finish the book later, so when you study for the test, use your time wisely studying “for” the test.

I’m going to end my post right here and I hope you get a great result on your test😊!!

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