Questions about Norway

Ronja from Norway

Questions about Norway - March Blog

I’ve been here for 7 months now, and I have gotten a lot of weird questions from people here. I think its super fun and I’ve made a list of the questions I’ve gotten from them. So I want to share them with you! Some of them makes me shake my head too, but I love that they are curious about my culture and home country.

  1. Do you have polar bears as pets?
  2. Does the polar bears go free on the streets in the cities?
  3. Is everybody tall?
  4. Do people in Norway have body hair?
  5. Do you know how to read English too?
  6. Do you have phones in Norway?
  7. Have you ever seen grass?
  8. Do you talk Norwegian in Norway?
  9. Is Norway the capital of Sweden?
  10. Can I feel your hair?
  11. Are you a Viking?
  12. Have you ever seen a troll in real life?
  13. Do you have to hunt for food to eat every day?
  14. Do you have airports in Norway?
  15. How often can you take the bus to the North Pole?
  16. Is all the songs we listen to translated into Norwegian?

I don’t regret deciding that USA was the country I wanted to go on an exchange to. The American people are so nice and accommodating. And if you are going on an exchange, finding out how the people is acting and how they are is a important factor in deciding where to go. And as you can see, the American people are super fun.

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