Going to High School in the USA

Educatius student sits in front of a giant chess board
Seavmey from Cambodia

In the United States, they have a completely different program of study compared to my country, Cambodia. Education in the United States is provided in public, private, and home schools. In my country, Cambodia, we only provide public and private schools. I decided to choose public school when I came to the USA because when I was in Cambodia, I was already studying in a private school!

I currently attend public school at Kokomo Highschool, Indiana, USA. For me, my day starts from 7:20 am and ends at 2:20 p.m from Monday to Friday, so I must be in school for at least 7 hours. I get to choose the courses I want to learn or interested in. I can address my teachers by using Mr. or Mrs. plus and their last names.

The school I go to was big with many small size classrooms. All rooms in the school have air conditioners and heaters. All rooms are clean and sanitized. There is also a nursing room (for nurses), attendant room, library room, office room , cafeteria, and even an ATM machine. We have lockers for students to store books and clothes. We have a lot of water fountains for students to drink. We have student ID cards to scan when entering the building. This helps keep the school feel more safe.

We do not have to wear uniforms but that doesn’t mean that we can wear whatever we want, clothing that is too short is not allowed. All students from grades 9 to 12 will be mixed, meaning some classes can have students from grades 9 to 12 grades together. We study with a different teachers, classes, and students. We have to walk to a different teacher’s class every period.

For lunch, we have two sessions a day, there is a first session lunch and second session lunch. Because there’s a lot of students in the school to accommodate, we can’t serve lunch for all of the students at the same time.

For sport, you’d love America’s school just like I do. My high school has so many sports and clubs to join. Even if a sport or club you like does not exist, you can even make one with approval of the school. And they usually have sports games such as basketball games , soccer games almost every Friday night. Boys and girls are allowed to join any sport that they want to.

Ohh! I forgot to mention clubs. In my school they have a lot of clubs, such as drama club, dance club, art club, environmental club, SADD club, and a lot more. They also have very special parties every year, one is Homecoming and the other is called PROM, but this is only for juniors and seniors. You can come as couples, friends, or by yourself. You will be eating a special dinner, after that they will ask everyone to vote and choose who should be PROM QUEEN and PROM KING. After choosing both prom king and queen then everyone will get out of their table and dance until the party comes to the end.

I feel like I'm really lucky that I get to experience all of this while getting education in the USA. I hope some people find this information useful about education in the USA and experience it all yourself.

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