My Fall Break

Image of the Statue of Liberty and skyline of New York City
Seavmey from Cambodia
Hi Guys! Did you know that the USA has 4 seasons? Yes! There is Summer, Winter, Spring, and Fall (Autumn). For each season, the schools give days off to students and they are called Summer Break, Winter break, Spring Break, and Fall Break. There are also other breaks like Thanksgiving and Christmas. But in this post, I am going to talk about my first ever fall break in the USA.

For Kokomo High School, our Fall Break began on October 14 and ended on October 18. That meant all students got a whole week off starting from Monday to Friday. I took this opportunity to explore the East Coast of the USA. This was my first Fall Break ever and I was excited. This trip was even more special for me when my parents joined me from Cambodia. Yay!

I had been planning for this trip for weeks. I finally decided to take a road trip to three destinations. We would go to Niagara Falls, New York City, and Washington D.C. While on the roads, my parents were in awe how huge the road were and the wide landscape of the USA.

Our first destination was Niagara Falls. We drove from Indiana to Niagara Falls. It took us about 10 hours with a few stops for gas and restroom breaks. Niagara Falls was such a beautiful place. We were on the New York side of the Falls. Even though the weather was a little cold, we enjoined the scenic view of Falls very much. The waterfall was the biggest in North America. It was so big, tall, and wide with strong water flowing down the cliff every second.

Our second destination was New York City. We decided to stay in The Bronx area. We would then take the subway into the city. Even though the weather was cold, rainy, and windy, we visited as many places as we could. The most memorable place we visited was Time Square. It had so many billboard screens and super bright lights. It was very interesting. New York City had so many tall buildings, cars, people, and tourists. We had to walk a lot but we had a lot of fun exploring the city scape.

Our third destination was Washington D.C. We visited the Capital of America. We visited the White House. Washington D.C was very interesting. It was really clean with a lot of cool historical design buildings. There weren’t many high rises as in New York City. The weather there was good so were able to enjoy walking around the White House area.

Overall, I had a trip of a lifetime exploring the East Coast with my parents during my first ever Fall Break. I am really thankful and glad that I had the opportunity to do so. I really encourage any international students to take a break from their studies and take a trip to explore the vast landscape of America when they get a chance too.

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