Ugh...where am I?

Student runs through the field with American Flag
by Seavmey from Cambodia
Ugh...where am I? This was how I felt most of the time during my first day of school. Due to some circumstances, I had to enrolled into my American High school a month later than most students. So while everybody seemed to know where they were going, I was having some troubles finding my classrooms. But luckily, people were so nice, both students and the staff helped me out a lot. So, I recommend whenever you find yourself lost looking for directions, you should really stop and ask for a friend. I asked my school mates and my counselors to show me around until I know where to go myself.

My first impression of my new High School in America was that it was so much different from my last High School in Cambodia. At my last High School, we had separated boy students from girl students. Boys would go to all the all boy classes and girls would go to the all girls classes. My High School in Cambodia didn't have a dorm either. Another difference is that, we only have to study 7 hours here vs 8 hours at my old school. We have way more choices with the classes here also. We can pick classes that are most interesting to us. I could not do that at my old High School. And all the classes here were mixes of boys and girls with no dress codes also. Everybody wore what they like. Everybody seemed to have their own style. This makes classes more interesting and fun.

Students also have to go to teacher’s classrooms for different classes instead for students staying in one classroom waiting for professors at my old high school. The teachers seemed a lot more friendly and approachable. We also have smaller classes with smaller amount of students. Each class is equipped with an abundance of technology devices such as laptops, projectors, and computers. There is definitely way more resources that one can ask for and this is helpful when needing to find information for a project or doing research.

The cafeteria was pretty big with abundant of food and there are long lines most of the time. At my old High School we do not have a cafeteria. We had restaurants and usually there are no lines. Everybody seemed to enjoy each other's company during lunch time. There are many tables to seat on and students seem to find their own group to sit. There are three lunch periods. I really like the lunch that we have here at my new high school. I enjoyed the fruits that they have the most.

After a while, I came to realize that I was the only Cambodian ever to have enrolled into this High School. I felt kind of special I guess and I was also nervous. I could speak English but not like the natives. I was feeling scared at times too. I wish I could speak to someone in my native tongue. But there was no one. As time passed, I got used to it and at the end of the day I think this will help me improve my english even faster.

I was kind of glad that I was being put in a situation that forces me to adapt and learn. I felt like I will grow a lot while studying here. I am really glad I have chosen this High School and really looking forward to all the things that this school has to offer. I will do my best to succeed all my goals. Until next time, wish me luck in the future. Thank you

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