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2015-2016 Educatius Student Bloggers

Six of our talented international students from Brazil, Germany, Norway, Slovenia and Vietnam won our Educatius blogger contest in 2015 Fall. They will share their authentic American high school experience in words, pictures and videos once a month with us and the world, and we are giving them a top of the line camera GoPro to do that! 

Name Introduction Blog Posts 

Hi I'm Anna from Germany, I study in Massachusetts.
My first 93 days in America  is about new discoveries, fun, exciting, but also a bit drama, and doubts.
I want to share the positivity in my high school year, but also how I deal with difficulties. 
International student Filipe from Brazil
My name is Filipe. I'm from Brazil, and am currently studying in Michigan.
I have my own YouTube channel with videos of more than 30K viewers! 
International student Fride from Norway
I'm Fride from Norway, my American friends call me "Friday"!
I'm studying at a high school in Phoenix and I play girls soccer on the JV team.
I loves writing and photo taking.
International student Julia from Brazil
My name is Julia, I'm from Brazil.
I'm a student at a high school in Pennsylvania. 
One of my hobbies is to create great videos and share my experience with other international students!

Hi I'm Teja from Slovenia.
I love writing and have my own blog in Slovene.
I want to share academic information such as the differences among regular, honors and AP courses, SAT test and much more. 
International student Tung from Vietnam
I'm Tung, a Vietnamese student. I study in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.
I'm a photographer, cameraman and an editor of a media group.
I want to continue my study at an American university, with an intended major of Media & Communication.

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