Family Trip Easter and Planning for College

Teja from Slovenia

Hello, hello!

It is impossible to believe March is coming to an end. With that being said, just a small reminder that Graduation is less than two months away and not to mention Prom is next month!!! Time truly flies when you are having a good time and when you are far away from home.

Easter is coming up this weekend and Spring Break (a week long holiday) just ended last Monday. When talking to other exchange students and their plans for Spring Break their answers were mostly the same. Their parents were coming in town and they were making a trip around the US. Same goes for me and my family. I do not consider myself being home sick often, but I would be lying if I said it was not incredible to see and hug them after 230 days being apart. It is always the hardest on moms so the hugs and kisses are unavoidable….

Our trip started at the Grand Canyon in Arizona, continued in Las Vegas, Nevada, Los Angeles, California and finished in San Diego, California. It was great to take a break from school and just enjoy days off.

After coming back to school for four days, I found out we have an ‘Easter’ Friday off. Back home, celebration is held on Monday so again something different here. From what I have asked so far, it is going to be celebrated the same as back in Slovenia. Coloring Easter eggs, going to Church, searching Easter baskets,... I AM STILL SO VERY EXCITED!

After this weekend, there is only 29 full days of school left, which sounds cool but it’s also terrifying. I am not going to talk about the experience in general and the end just yet, but I can most certainly touch college topic.

When coming here for my senior year, I was determined to stay for College as well. I am taking hard AP classes, taking the SAT test that is required and doing everything I can to get out of this year with as much academics as other experiences as possible. I got accepted into 4 Universities around the US and got offered some scholarships as well. As some of you might know, studying as an international student in the US is pretty expensive and without any other financial support, it is almost impossible to afford it. I have not decided for sure yet whether I will continue my studies here or go back to Europe, but there is still some time to figure that out. The point is, if you want to achieve something and if your eyes are no where else but focused on your goal, nothing is impossible. If you have decided to stay abroad and study at an American university, but are afraid that costs may be too expensive, be prepared to work hard, to pass on some movie invitations on Friday nights and I guarantee you will be offered scholarship options to make your dreams come true.

I attached some pictures from my Spring break and hope you all have wonderful warm days that are coming up and that your Easter basket is filled with lots of beautifully colored Eggs and chocolate. You can never go wrong with that…

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