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Tung from Vietnam
Participating in different sports in the US was quite an experience. Sports back in Vietnam are just like something you do in your freetime with your friends, especially for high school student. We don’t have any major tournament for high school athletes. So having the chance to participate in soccer and track & field here was quite exciting for me. Last time I wrote about winning the Conference and Regional Championship in soccer. This time it is about how I did in my track and field half-a-year career.

We had about 7 meets this season so we practiced everyday after school. I participated in short distance sprinting and high jump to begin with. I hadn’t done any exercise for 2 months so I was totally out of shape at that time. In the first few days, we did a lot of workouts to prepare for the season. I thought I would die after every practice but things got better and better.

On my first track meet, I was super nervous because I’d never felt such a competitive atmosphere before. And of course I wasn’t even close to winning as I was in the 1st heat, which was a slower heat. I was disappointed and wanted to quit after that first meet. But luckily I had an amazing coach. Ben was like our coach but in the same time our brother. I mean his brother was in the team too so it all made sense. He talked to me and encouraged me a lot. Besides, I had an amazing track team. We practiced together, we stretched together, we did everything as a team.

As you can see I am a pretty small dude so I decided not to do long jump and high jump any more and concentrated on my 800 meters relays. Hard work finally paid off. Our 800m relays team finished 5th, contributed points to help the boy team win the Conference. It was such an emotional night for the team. We celebrated the sweet victory with a lap around the track holding the Champions Cup. We advanced to the Regional. We were supposed to finish fifth in our 800m relay but luckily one team got disqualified because they did stay in their zone. So we got fourth, just what we needed to go the Sectional. And again the rest of the team did an amazing job that night and the boys won Sectional as well.

Unfortunately, our 800m relay team had to stop in Sectional. Some of our runners did a great job and advanced to state. Other teams were on a totally different level compared to us. Some of our runners in different events did a great job and advanced to state. But the most important thing was we all had fun together during the season. The special thing about our 800m relay team was none of us was actually a sprinter. We had a freshman, a football player, a senior thrower who showed up for sprinting practice for the first and only time in his high school track career, and a little Vietnamese dude from Vietnam who’d throw up after every practice at the beginning of the season but we were a team and Together Everyone Achieves More.

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