Christmas with my Host Family


Happy New Year everyone!


Today I would like to share my Christmas with you. Since my current host family was going away for Christmas, I decided to spend my Christmas with my first host family, who I have always been in touch with ever after transferring out of my first high school. I lived with them for my whole freshman year, and then I transferred to California. Even though it has been a long time since we last saw each other, we can still comfortably enjoy our time together; they are truly like my American families, from whom I learned most about American culture.


Now let me walk you all through our Christmas tradition. On Christmas Eve, the whole family will have dinner together, and after that, we will hang out together in the family room, playing video games, watching movies, and bringing out the Christmas gifts. Before everyone goes to sleep, my host dad will read the children’s book The Night Before Christmas to all, which has been a family tradition since my host siblings were still babies. The next morning at eight o’clock, we will wish each other a Merry Christmas and gather in the family room to open up the gifts. Then we will have brunch and hang out together again.


I think the best part of Christmas is not about gift-exchange; nonetheless, it is about the relaxing family-time.


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