The College Process



The result of Early Decision (which means that you are bound to go to that university if accepted) just came out, and I got accepted to New York University. Thus today I would like to share with you three reasons why I chose NYU:

  1. I love being around people with diverse cultural backgrounds, and NYU, settling in the middle of the most diverse city in the world, has a diverse student body
  2. I would like to be an urban designer, and NYU is a great place to prepare me for it.
  3. I love NYU’s studying abroad program: it has lots of outreach to many cities all around the world, and it provides a studying abroad program lasting for more than one semester, which is very unique.

And here is how I prepared for applying there.

  1. I did a thorough research on NYU’s website to make sure that the program I liked was very close to what I was hoping for.
  2. I went to NYU for its info session and met a few students from the schools I was interested in. By talking to them, I just had a clearer image of each of the schools, which allowed me to decide easier.
  3. Then I found out that I really liked the school and could actually see where I was going by being an NYU student, thus I applied through Common Application.TEST

I hope that this blog helped you in terms of choosing a college that feels right for you if you are now as perplexed as I was.

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