Why I transferred high schools


Q: How many times did I transfer?

Twice. First was after Fall, grade 9. Second was after Grade 11.

Q:What were your schools?

1st transfer: I went to a religious US private school then to a non-religious US private school.

2nd transfer: I went to a US public school.

Q:Why did you transfer?

1st transfer: I wanted a better academic environment and made more local friends. Because my first school was very small.

2nd transfer: The 2nd school was bigger, but I didn't think this schools' teaching pattern fitted me a lot. This school focused on student discussion, called "Harkness"|. They discussed a lot in class, and self-studied after school. But I think most knowledge should be taught in class. English isn't my native language, and it took me a lot of time to self-learn what teacher should teach me in class. So I wanted to move to another school that student can learn knowledge in class and do homework after school. I think traditional teach mode fits me more.

Q: How did you transfer?

1st transfer: I found a US agent by myself, the US agent recommended me to an agent in China, and the Chinese agent recommended me to the US school. 

2nd transfer: I talked to Educatius Group directly, Educatius told me which schools were available, and I applied these schools.

Q:What do you have to say to the other students?

I hope those who want to study in US or want to transfer know his/her own study habit and strong point. Then you know what kind of schools fit you most, and you can be in one school long, instead of keeping on transferring.

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