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Yusuf from Turkey

Hello folks, it’s me! Your friendly Turkish fella in USA! Today, I want to give people hints and important tips, so they can have the best time studying abroad in the United States. Let’s start!

First Tip: Spend your time wisely!

My first tip is how to how to spend your time when studying abroad. When you start school, you will probably become panicked because there will be so many things to do (especially if you have a different school system like me!) It is easy to find yourself in the middle of dilemmas. Since there are so many activities and sports, it is easy to find yourself struggling to balance everything. My suggestion, decide what you love the most and what you would like to see yourself doing. If you put your interests in the center of your life, you won’t have any problem. You’ll enjoy your activities and be able to balance your time effectively.

Second Tip: Be Social.

It is one of the most important things to start doing when you study abroad. Social is good when you miss your family and other stuff at home. You should have someone/something to take your mind away, so you can focus. Socializing with new friends and people will also help you gain a different perspective too. Find someone whom you would like to talk too. It can be anyone and don’t forget to smile.

Third Tip: Be creative and explore!

You are going to live with another family and in another country. You should be able to adapt to situations and create/find your inner self more than ever. A fresh start with new people is very hard to get, so explore! Find a new hobby, go join a new club, create a new fashion style. You have no boundary to your old self and you can do anything you want to explore your further life!

If you manage your time well and try to be gentle, try to appreciate and enjoy your experience, you will adapt easier and you will be able to focus on your study abroad experience better!

(Picture below is me attempting to cook dinner for my host family)

Student Ambassador Yusuf cooks for his host family


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