Living with a Host Family

Yusuf from Turkey

Living with another family has always made people scared of going to study abroad. The belief is it’s like a box of chocolate, you never know what you are going to get for a family. What I have learned though is that living with a host family is not bad! How? Let me explain.

First things first, here is some advice for coming into your host family. Educatius has you fill-out an application before you arrive. They find a host family, someone who has same interests and that can provide you with the experience you desire. Next, you talk and Skype and everything goes well until you set foot into the house. That’s when you realize it’s not your house and you will find yourself missing your old house. Even if the host family is PERFECT for you, you will become homesick for your home. So what you need to do is talk it out! Your host family is basically your family for 9 months and they want to communicate and make things better for you!

When I first arrived, I missed my bathroom and my old room. But after 3 months, I became more familiar with every part of house and it feels like home again. At the start of the year, you basically talk with your host family about what do they expect from you and what you expect from them. It totally depends on the host family and maybe you have heard different stories from other international students so DON’T TRY TO COMPARE. Everyone’s experience is different. For example, I make myself breakfast in the morning because we have to wake-up early and there is no time for some pancakes and eggs, but on weekends my host mom tries to cook something in morning like pancakes or sausages etc. She always makes dinner and she makes good food (I mean really good food, I gained 7 kg’s since I came.) Again, the food depends on your host family because there are different host families with different cuisines and different tastes.

I also live with another international student from same school. It is sometimes difficult living with another international student but, you become more understanding and you tolerate each other. It is nice living with someone with similar experiences. We have arguments and sometimes we don’t talk that much but we still work together and cooperate. About chores, you are responsible for your own room and laundry and other things. Your host family is taking care of a teenager/adult, not a toddler. Keep it clean and simple and you won’t have problems. Also as an addition, we have a dog but he is small and does not cause big problems (he sometimes eats papers in my room, but he is cute though!)

We spend time together, we have good conversations on dinner and sometimes we go out to do activities, like going movies and doing some other stuff. She supports us and wants us to have a good experience overall! So don’t get scared from host families and living with another family because it is not bad! Just be gentle, keep it clean and simple, and try to have fun!

(The picture above is my host mom, me, and the other international student!)

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