What I have Learned

Yusuf from Turkey

Before I came to the United States, I stayed with another host family and with other international student. I also experienced new things I never did, ate things I never ate before, and was a different person. This experience studying abroad in the US has made me realize I have improved in a lot of different ways. Which ways you may ask? Let me tell you.

At first week, I there was a big culture shock (which is normal.) I had two choice; adapt or complain. I tried to adapt as soon as possible. Even though I did well adapting to my new environment, I still missed home. Doing new things like chores was not something I cared to do too. However, after meeting new people, getting friends, getting to know my host family together, I was able to have fun and make the most of my study abroad adventures.

Overall, I grew as an individual after studying abroad. I understood I was not bound by my family back at home. There were new responsibilities such as keeping myself financially good, plan activities more carefully, do my chores and find new solutions to problems in a logical way. The experience taught me to become more independent and showed me there are more important things than homework.

There were many other lessons I have learned while studying abroad. I started to understand how to spend money responsibly and how to not spend money. Living with a host family and having to communicate with new people also improved my social skills. The responsibility of have chores seems like a lot, but it really helped me to organize my time! Being at a crucial age and away from my family, I increased my self-confidence and social skills. Every day now I feel myself becoming more confident and increasing my social skills!

Now, 3-month into studying abroad, I can’t wait to go back home. It is not because I had a bad experience, I want to go back home because I had a GREAT experience! I want to share my experience with my family back at home. Also, one of the biggest things I have learned is to apricate the little things in life. It changed my view towards life.

(Picture above is my friends and I!)

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