What to Expect from Class

Yusuf from Turkey

In my first blog, I talked a little bit about my classes. In this blog, I will talk more about my classes and the essential things you need to know about course at my high school, Our Lady of Good Counsel.

Let me start by giving an example: When I first choose my eight classes I made them according to my interests, classes I must take (because of credit system), and for my mental health/time management skills.

If you want to graduate with a diploma in my school, you MUST HAVE:

  • 1 US History credit
  • 1 World History credit
  • 1.5 P.E credit,
  • 3 Science credit and
  • 4 Math/English,
  • 1 Technology credit,
  • 3 Language credit,
  • 1 Government credit,
  • 1 Art credit.

So keep that in mind! You will/must choose your classes depending on your credits and schedule. And in my program, you need to maintain at least a C OR ABOVE so you can continue the program.

Every teacher has a different type of class too. For example, my religion teacher has us watch videos on religion, while other religion teachers give additional work. Your grade will be determined by your homework, quizzes, tests, projects and class participation. Science classes has labs (and projects) as well. Depending on what classes you take there is not a lot of homework. However if you have AP/IB class, I would not expect to have only 10 questions as homework. So if you want to take an AP/IB course, I would suggest talking about it with your counselor in more detail before taking the class. In a future blog, I will talk about this in more detail.

So that was basically what you should expect for classes and some of the expectations when you come to a US High School. If you study and communicate with your teachers, you won’t have problems. The teachers are far more understanding than the ones I had in Turkey. Always ask questions if you don’t understand a concept or question. If you have a question and do not ask, the result will not turn out well (based on true experience!)

The photography is my little community. Every student has one community, so they can talk and integrate with other students!

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