2019 Educatius High School Programs in New Zealand for International Students
New Zealand

New Zealand

Turquoise waters, snowy mountains, spectacular volcanos, and green landscapes. New Zealand is a fascinating nation located in the Pacific Ocean, far away from most of the world's countries. As an exchange student, you will have a lot to discover here!

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Why study High School in New Zealand

Become an exchange student in the mesmerizing country of New Zealand. New Zealand is a fascinating nation located in the Pacific Ocean, far away from most of the world's countries. The country offers great tutoring, friendly locals, and mind-blowing nature. Going here as an exchange student is an excellent choice.

When studying in New Zealand, you will get the opportunity to experience everything the country has to offer. Its relatively small size makes it possible to visit the desert, rain-forest, and coast within one hour. It is the ultimate destination for you who want to have the opportunity to go skiing and hiking in beautiful mountains, as well as to enjoy the beach life on your exchange. The country has it all. You can look forward to an eventful and exciting high school exchange in one of the world's most beautiful countries.

Where do students live?

Staying with a New Zealandic host family

By staying with a host family, you will get to experience how it is to live as a true Kiwi. Kiwi is a nickname used to describe the people of New Zealand, after the Kiwi bird. When staying with a Kiwi family, you get to experience the New Zealand culture and family life from up close. They will soon try to make you feel at home, and as a part of the family rather than a guest.

Caring and curious families

Your host family may live in an apartment or house, with or without kids and pets, in the city or the countryside. What they all have in common is that they are carefully selected and are looking forward to getting to know you.

Since New Zealand is so far away, it is not as common for the inhabitants here to have traveled as much as, for instance, Europeans have. They see it as an excellent opportunity to find out more about other cultures by welcoming an exchange student to their home. They would indeed like you to introduce them to music and movies from your country, try out some typical American food, and to learn some new phrases.

High School Programs in New Zealand

Classic High School is the traditional high school program that most students choose. This is the perfect choice for you who long for a genuine exchange experience. We match you with a carefully selected host family and high school in your chosen country. You can be placed in a bustling big city, charming coastal town, or on the countryside close to the nature. This is the program for you that are open-minded, and excited to try new things.