Student Experience Advisor (Bilingual Chinese and English)

Position Located in Boston, MA

Position Purpose
The Student Experience Advisor (SEA) is responsible for maximizing students’ satisfaction from participating in Educatius academic programs. The advisor will work with students from Chinese speaking countries. The advisor assists the Host Family Division with resolving escalated student support issues, is an advocate for the student and ensures appropriate communication with stakeholders for all issues and resolution. This position reports to the Student Experience Manager and is based in Boston, MA.

Essential Functions

  • Resolve student related issues quickly and effectively.
  • Coordinate entire team, overseas agents, host parents, local support staff, schools and students to reach collaborate and acceptable resolution of issues.
  • Advocate for student as necessary, making sure that the student is listened to and that the student’s interest is served when resolving support issues.
  • Make sure that the agent representing the student is properly informed of student support issues. The SEA must also communicate sensitive issues to agents and get their support and involvement in resolving student support issues.
  • Draft letters, plans and documents that are agreed on for resolving a student support issue.
  • Coordinate dismissals and facilitates refunds for students returning early.
  • The SEA must be able to determine and differentiate fact from emotion-based issues.
  • Gather facts, listen to both sides in any issue.
    Listen and talk directly to students when needed.
  • Conduct check ins and positive outreach to non-support case students
  • Track yearly re-enrollment data and recommend initiatives to improve return rate.

Additional Responsibilities

  • The SEA proactively works with preventing student support issues through training, orientations and other activities.
  • Support host family division with student placement related tasks.
  • Drive excellent student experience throughout customer journey.
  • Engage with students through well-planned activities.
  • Increase re-enrollment rate of diploma-track students.
  • Motivate word-of-mouth referrals

Environmental Job Requirements and Working Conditions

  • Conflict resolution and experience needed.
  • All prospective employees must pass a background check.
  • Most work tasks are performed indoors.
  • Temperature is moderate and controlled by building environmental systems.
  • Must be able to sit/stand for up to 8 hours per day.


  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree.
  • Fluency in Chinese is required.
  • Must have international experience from work or studies.
  • At least 2-4 years of overall experience in the education field, preferably in international education.
  • Excellent track record in problem resolution.
  • Excellent interpersonal, organizational, analytical, written and oral communication skills.
  • Significant skills in Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Excellent communication and relationship building skills with an ability to prioritize, negotiate, and work with a variety of internal and external stakeholders.
  • Personal qualities of integrity and credibility.

Please note: Applicants will only be contacted if they are selected to proceed further in the process.

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