Have questions? Contact our team in China!

Our experienced staff in China will advise, respond to all questions and commit to providing the best quality services to our partners and customers. If you need assistance when choosing a high school in the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland or Europe; or deciding which program is the most suitable, contact us anytime!

Our offices in Shanghai, Chongqing and Jiangsu assist our Chinese partners and families find and apply to the perfect high schools.  Then, working with our bilingual teams in the USA, Canada and the UK we support Chinese students throughout their time living and studying abroad.

Shanghai Office 上海办公室

Tel:152 0210 1086(微信)

Chongqing Office 重庆办公室

Tel: 177 8356 5591

Jiangsu Office 江苏办公室

Tel: 18796256257
Address: 江苏省徐州市王陵路57-8

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