For International Students – Study High School in the USA or Canada

Educatius Group is the world leader in high school programs. Foreign students looking to study at USA and Canada high schools receive complete support services including school consulting, application support, and host family placements and student support.

In 2018, we were the largest organization placing international students in F-1 (academic) USA High School Programs listed by CSIET, and, last year, over 6,000 international students from 60 countries studied on one of our high school programs in the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, and eight other countries.

Our dedicated Client Experience Team works closely with students, parents, and agents to help students enroll in USA or Canada high schools. Whatever students are looking for in their education in the USA and Canada, we’ll work to find the best fit for their requirements. And when it comes time to help you prepare to apply to the best universities in the USA and Canada, we're able to help with that, too.

If you prefer to work with a local agent in your own country, let us know and we will match you with one of our trusted partners.

Our Process

After a student (or their parent) contacts Educatius, our Client Experience Advisor will:

  • Respond via email or phone within one business day, scheduling counseling sessions over Skype if you prefer.
  • Evaluate student’s goals, interests, and budget.
  • Send school options to the student.

After the student looks at the options and makes a decision on a particular school, our Client Experience Advisor will:

  • Advise the student regarding all documents necessary for an application.
  • Guide student through completing an online school application.
  • Send the student school acceptance letter, invoice, I-20 (or visa document) delivery information, and host family profile (if homestay is necessary).

The student will apply for the F-1 Visa for the USA or study permit for Canada, inform the Advisor once it is approved, as well as provide flight information for Educatius to arrange an airport pick-up.

Finally, the Advisor will:

  • Provide pre-departure orientation to student.
  • Introduce the student to his/her Local Coordinator.
  • Hand student over to Educatius Student Experience team, who will support the student throughout their stay on the program - in the host family and at school.

There are a number of different ways you can customize education in the USA and Canada, and, ultimately, our Client Experience team is here to help you make the absolute most of your educational experience.

Our Service to International High School Students

Our USA F-1 high school programs with host families are listed CSIET which evaluates our process and safeguards to ensure the well being of the student in our care.

In addition our entire North American operations are certified ISO 9001, a quality mark that demonstrates our ongoing commitment to a quality program and student care.

Finally our Service Promise outlines exactly the great support students can expect on one of our programs.

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Meet the Client Experience Team

headshot of client services staff
  headshot of client services staff

 Emily Bliss, Client Experience Manager


Amelia Poole, Client Experience Advisor


Christina Doctor, Client Experience Advisor

What are the Fees to Study High School in the USA or Canada?

Studying high school abroad is one of the most important investments that an international student can make in his or her future. And research shows how studying secondary school abroad has many benefits, far beyond the just improving English or completing school classes:

  • Best preparation for university in that country (US News Report)
  • Increases creativity and innovative thinking (University of Florida)
  • Students who study abroad have a higher GPA than similar students who stayed on campus, even when controlling for external factors. This impact is even more pronounced for minority and at-risk students. (GLOSSARI)
  • Students who have studied abroad are better able to work with people from other countries, understand the complexity of global issues, and have greater intercultural learning. (Georgetown Consortium Project)

The costs of high school in the USA and Canada depend on the high school location and type of school chosen. Our F-1 high school program allows students to choose an exact school and is the best preparation for university. 

  • Public high schools are generally less than private high schools, and boarding schools are generally the most expensive.
  • Religious (Christian, Catholic, etc) private or boarding schools are generally less expensive than non-religious high schools.
  • Any high school in "famous" locations such as California (Los Angeles, San Francisco), Boston, New York City, Florida, Toronto are more expensive than high schools in locations like Arizona, Michigan, Ohio, Texas, Newfoundland, Utah.

The fees for high schools in the USA and Canada include many things - high school tuition, accommodation (with a host family or dormitory), meals; as well as most importantly, ongoing monitoring and support of each student by our staff. When they have questions or need support there is someone who can assist them and even a toll free 24/7 telephone number to call.

The high school package price (tuition, accommodation, meals, ongoing supervision) of these fees ranges from about $16,000 - $65,000 USD per academic year. The least expensive option is our Academic Exchange program where we choose the school for the student but it's still an F-1 program so they can study for multiple years and earn a US high school diploma. For students who wish to choose their exact school, the costs start around $20,000 USD for public high schools in Arizona or $23,000 CAD in Ontario or Newfoundland.

In addition, students should be prepared to cover the cost of their flight, spending money and additional fees such as insurance, uniforms, textbooks, activity fees, etc.

Our staff works with students to understand their budget and match them with the best high school that fits!  We do not charge any service fee on top of the school package price, for our personalized consulting.

Some students wonder if scholarships are possible.  They are, but they are partial scholarships and generally offered by boarding schools. So, if the regular price of an elite boarding school is $60,000 per academic year, after the scholarship is applied the cost might be $40,000, for example. We can never provide or arrange full scholarships.

The J-1 High School Program

Another high school program that is available in the USA is the J-1 program. Educatius' partners offer the J-1 program, such as . J-1 programs are the least expensive way to study high school in the USA.  It's a wonderful and fun cultural experience; but foreign students cannot choose an exact school and have little control over some aspects of the program. It's only for a one year maximum and there are many restrictions on the program. It's not recommended for students who want to continue to university in the USA. Since tuition is not paid to the school and the host family is volunteer, the costs are lower than the F-1; around $10,000 USD per year. 

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What the Parent Says

Allendale Columbia Private School New York USA
"It has been a real pleasure working with the Educatius team to find the right placement for our 17 year old daughter. We have been very impressed by the range of schools on offer, and the quick responses to any of our questions. The application process has been simple and streamlined. We particularly appreciated the Skype interview Educatius arranged with the high school deputy principal which reassured us that we had chosen the right school. Our daughter is really excited about beginning her stint in the US later this year!" - Jodie, Australia

What Our Student Says

Squaw Valley Academy California Boarding School USA
"Educatius helped me with making one of the hardest decisions, which is picking the right school for my senior year. They not only provided me a variety of information and advice but also devoted enough time to help me consider my options and make a right decision."
- Hina, Japan