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Educatius College and University Services (ECUS)

Educatius College and University Services helps international students pursue their dreams of higher education in the USA. We aim to make studying in America available and affordable for international students. Navigating the college process can be extremely challenging and time-consuming for students and school counselors. ECUS programs provide guidance to high schools by offering counseling and support to all F-1 international students that seek a higher education in the United States.

Why Educatius College and University Services?
Through our college partnerships, Educatius College and University Services can:

  • Provide more options for international students to study at numerous campuses that are affordable.
  • Increase the number of international students placed into higher-education institutions (Guaranteed pre-acceptance).
  • Increase the number of students who receive scholarships (Guaranteed scholarships).
It’s easy for counselors and students:
  • Students complete 1 application with the desire to receive scholarship offers and pre-acceptances up to 5-10 institutions. 
  • Personalized counseling to identify schools that fit the student’s interests and background.
  • Assistance in all areas of college registration and enrollment.
  • Coordination of housing, meal plans, health insurance, and additional services.
  • All application fees & international charges are included in the program.

University Scholarship Programs

Educatius College and University Services negotiates scholarships on behalf of students at over 125 competitive higher education facilities across the country. By applying to our University Scholarship Program, international students can lower their costs by $10,000-$25,000 a year. With the assistance of ECUS, students can locate affordable programs and study in prestigious American institutions. 

Please contact our ECUS team with any further questions at

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