Educatius School Process

Educatius provides our school partners a team with extensive experience in education, as well as market intelligence on international students. Each school is assigned a personal account representative to make sure all preparations are in place for student’s arrival. It’s our priority to meet your goals and provide a timely response to address any questions to meet your future needs. 

Our international team collaborates with our national Boston office to facilitate the entire application process. Our local staff communicates with each school to ensure they are Sevis certified and accredited to accept F-1 students. On a daily basis, they monitor the current availability at each school to meet the different preferences of the students. Educatius takes responsibility to manage the expectations of our students, while our school partners can focus on the future success in the classroom.

Educatius Group Supports Schools and Students

  • A through examination of students' qualifications to ensure the validity of their achievements. 
  • We follow a strict policy to expedite the student application process.
  • Our worldwide staff across the globe reviews the interests, budget, academic abilities, and extra-curricular activities to advise students.
  • We facilitate personal interviews between school and student.
  • Our students are prepared with an orientation prior to arrival in the USA. 
  • We provide students with a warm welcoming host families.
  • Throughout the year, we provide regular progress reports to update families.

  “The students Educatius has sent have been well prepared both socially and academically for their experience. They have been successful in  challenging classes taught entirely in English, participated in interscholastic sports, and developed close relationships both with their fellow  international students and the students of Ipswich."

 "Several of the Educatius students are ranked among our top achievers, while others have taken leadership roles in the student community. The  program has been a very positive experience for our school.”

 - Jeffrey, Ipswich High School

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