China and Asia

Chinese and Asian Students Study at High Schools in the United States

Since 2005, Educatius Group has been recruiting students from Asia. Currently, we have offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. Our China based staff continues to grow as we increase the number of full-time employees in the region. Additionally, we have partnerships in Taiwan, Japan, Thailand and Hong Kong. We have a network of over 200+ trusted and trained local agencies that bring quality and well-prepared students to our partner schools.

For Educatius, it's more than just recruiting applicants, but making sure that our partner schools are pleased with the placement and performance of each student. We collaborate with local experts in Asia that consult the students and their families to successfully complete the applications process. The students must communicate effectively and meet the school’s standards and qualifications. Our team overseas and in Boston, from beginning to end, will coordinate the admission process and handle the travel arrangements for the student with the utmost care and professionalism.

Promotional Support Specific in Asian Countries
  • Translated comprehensive online and off-line marketing materials including brochures, emails, direct mail, website, social media and other useful collateral.
  • Participation in Chinese special events, fairs, recruitment tours, educational seminars and workshops.
  • Active member of BOSSA – the Beijing Overseas Student Service Association.
For more information: Educatius Chinese Market Expertise

Listen to Our Student Share Her Experience

Lily Educatius China Student Web
Lily attended Alameda High School
Alameda, California

“I want to follow my dream of becoming a fashion designer. Studying in America is very different from China. Here it’s more individualized. I’m an artist and I like creative things. People are kind and non-judgmental.” 

- Lily, Student from China

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“The best part about studying in the US is that I can feel different than my peers. I was exposed to may more things. This experience increased my passion for other parts of the world and exposed me to experiences that help me to become more mature.” 

- Educatius Student from China