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Educatius Group has offices across Europe in Spain, France, Italy, England, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Norway and Finland. Many of the students from these locations have interests to study abroad to embrace the American culture. They seek new opportunities to participate in diverse academic programs and speak English more frequently. European students studying in the US continue to grow as they explore courses in business, visual and performing arts, sports, and the sciences.
The duration of European students studying at high schools is usually from one semester (4-5 months) to an academic year. However, some students may wish to extend their stay longer in the United States. On an F-1 visa, students can attend public school for one year and they MUST transfer to a private day, or boarding school to be permitted to stay in the United States.
Many former Educatius students become ambassadors for our offices in Europe to share their personal experiences and insights and guide prospective students.
 Listen to Our Student Share Her Experience
Catherine attended Indian River Charter High School
Vero Beach, Florida

"Studying in America has helped me a lot. I can remember that the first weeks were really hard for me to talk in English. Now I actually dream in English, and think in English." 

- Catherine, Student from Norway

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“At my school, I was able to take challenging classes in AP Chemistry. I participated in school events like Model UN, went to all the high school dances, and joined the track team. I made a lot of friends. Overall, my year abroad was an opportunity to be more independent, learn English, and discover a new culture. It was an incredible experience that I would definitely repeat.”

Educatius Student from Spain

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