Latin America

Latin American Students Study at High Schools in the United States

There is a limit to the amount of specialty courses available to students in Latin America. Many decide to leave their country to pursue an education in the United States and enroll in specialty courses catering to their personalized interests and talents. Some include topics such as fashion design, dance, aviation, aeronautics, squash, robotics, cartooning, drawing, orchestra and more!

Latin Americans welcome the opportunity to travel and study abroad to learn more about American cultures and customs. Typically, students will stay in the USA for one semester, while others seek honors courses to improve their skills and potentially pursue a reputable university in the United States.

Listen to our Student Share Her Experience

Victoria Educatius Brazil StudentVictoria attended 
Birmingham Community Charter
High School in Los Angeles, California

"Studying at a public school was great, because I got to see the quality. It was impressive!"

- Victoria, Student from Brazil

Victoria was thrilled to attend high school for her senior year in Los Angeles, California. She embraced the diversity in the community and made wonderful new friends at school. She continues her studies in the USA at Santa Monica college.

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“My experience has been great making new friends and new experiences in school. No one can place a dollar amount on money this worthwhile program. In my opinion, school is the best place to hang out and have fun with friends and learn more each day.”

- Educatius Student from Brazil