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Institut Sainte-Marie - Collège et Lycée Privés Catholique

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    CoEd - School for both genders
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School Description

The school is located in Antony which belongs to the Parisian Metropolis. Habitants enjoy the provincial atmosphere (green spaces, detached house, animations, associations...). Everyone feels secure in this city and the lovely urban landscape is highly appreciated.

Antony is an attractive place, there are more than 600 shops, artisans, services… With 6 RER stations (high-speed train service linking Paris to the suburbs), it’s really easy to get to Paris, visit the city, meet friends, discover museums, monuments, and enjoying some typical French celebrations.

It’s a perfect place to practice sports. Close to the school, you can find 40 different sports clubs which gives you the choice between 50 different sports activities. You can also take your mind off things with 2 libraries and a cinema.

School Profile

Marie Society is an international catholic religious congregation which is currently set up in 30 countries. Sainte Marie invites people to be open minded, receptive, disciplined and to go forward in new directions.

The institution teaches students to be informed, responsible and free. Professors promote kindness, sharing and respect values. They pay attention to students who have more difficulties and they help to develop judgment and opinions which contributes to personal growth. Students are educated to be honest and are helped to develop a sense of effort and good work ethics.


Sainte Marie Institution is a modern school that uses new technology and modern equipment. It also provides different digital programs to it’s pupils. Students can develop their creativity and discover arts with an auditorium (500 seats). They will have the chance to practice religion in the beautiful chapel.

At their disposal, students have access to a large range of books in the school library opened 6 days a week. The sports areas include a swimming pool, 3 gymnasiums, climbing wall, boxing ring… The school has a computer room, science lab, music room, religious classroom and a student area (foyer étudiant).

Diploma Year Offered?
Student Population
CoEd - School for both genders
English as Second Language (ESL) Support Available
French Immersion
Badminton, Basketball, Boxing, Climbing, Rugby, Soccer, Swimming
Visual Arts
Chinese, Greek, Japanese, Latin
Ages Accepted

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