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Gibault Catholic High School

School Facts

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  • Student Population
    CoEd - School for both genders
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    Homestay Accommodation
  • Religious Affiliation
  • Program Length Available
    Multiple Year, Spring Year, Fall Year

School Description

With high-quality academics, many arts and sports opportunities, Gibault Catholic High School is a unique place for all students. The low teacher-student ratio provides students with individualized attention and room for growth in a variety of areas. While attending Gibault, students can also enroll in college level courses, offered through Saint Louis University.

The school has a state-of-the-art Biology Lab, enabling students to do more hands-on learning, lab experiments, and data analysis.

Gibault Catholic High School offers a variety of sports to students year-round. The Hawks compete in the Illinois High School Assocation (IHSA), and have enjoyed extensive athletic success, including 4 state titles by the boy's soccer team, 1 state title from the baseball team, and numerous state competition appearances.
In addition to athletics, Gibault Catholic High School provides a number of arts opportunities. With organizations like band, chorus, liturgical choir, and jazz band, as well as a range of advanced art classes, students can follow their passions and pursue excellence.

Located near St. Louis, Waterloo, IL has history stretching back past the American Revolutionary War. The city is home to a number of parks, including Konarcik Park, which has a walking trail, a lake, and sports fields.


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School News

Computer Lab updated with 22 new computers! Each one has a 3.10 GHz AMD quad-core processors, 8 GB of memory, 250 GB SSD drives, and run Windows 10. These computers will allow our Intro & Advanced Digital Arts students to work quicker and more efficien

Famous Alumni

Craig Unger and Mark Herrmann.

  • 9, 10, 11, 12 Grades at School
  • 7% Percentage of International Students
Diploma Year Offered?
Student Population
CoEd - School for both genders
ACT Average
English as Second Language (ESL) Support Available
Speciality Programs
Partnership with Southwestern Illinois College campus (a community college) offers a wide variety of classes in the evenings and on Saturdays. Also, Process of Composition; Advanced Rhetoric and Research; Conflict, Social Justice, and Literature; Film, Culture and Literature; Calculus 1; Calculus 2; Biology; History of the US to 1865; History of the US Since 1865; Origins of Modern World to 1500; Origins of Modern World to Present; Communicating in Spanish 1; Communicating in Spanish 2; Intermediate Spanish: Language and Culture; Approaching the Arts are all offered in partnership with St. Louis University.
Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Cheerleading, Cross Country Running, Golf, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, Track, Volleyball
Art - Advanced, Ceramics, Digital Art and Design, Drama, Drawing, Improvisation, Jewelry, Visual Arts
Band, Chorus, Jazz Band, Music
French, German, Latin, Mandarin, Spanish
Clubs and Extracurricular
Bible Club, Dance Team, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Future Farmers of America (FFA), Gaming Arts Club, History Club, International Club, Math Team, Model United Nations (Model UN), National Honor Society, Scholar Bowl, Student Activities, Student Council, Student Environmental Council, Students for Life, Technology Club
Accepting Students in Grades
9, 10, 11, 12
Ages Accepted
ELTiS Minimum
TOEFL Minimum

Real Stories from Real Students:

One of the biggest concerns of international students would be, “Will I be able to adjust in the new environment without proficient English skills?” My short answer is, “Yes, without a doubt.” My name is Seung-hee Han; I went to Gibault Catholic High School from 2008 to 2011. Just like other international students, I was young and scared. At this point, I’m going to be honest with you, I struggled. However, you are expected to struggle a little when you try something new. It’s an adventure! The faculty members at Gibault genuinely care about all of the international students. Every single member of the faculty and staff remembers specific information about each of the students, and they always try to have conversations with them to make sure that everything is going well. Also, the American students at Gibault are well-educated and well-behaved. If you have any questions in homework, or anything about their culture, they will explain kindly and help you as much as they can. Experiences in extracurricular activities at Gibault will give you even better opportunities to become close with other students and understand their culture. In terms of extracurricular activities, I was in soccer, cross country, and jazz band. By participating in these activities, I started to talk more and make friends, and I felt as if I was actually one of them, not just a strange international kid at Gibault. Although I did not have great skills to be on the teams, they accepted and welcomed me. Gibault also provides college level classes which will prepare you for your future academic endeavors. For example, I learned to be patient and steady in studying, developed my English grammar skills, and prepared for future college classes. I understand that it is a huge step to study abroad without your family and not speaking the native language, and therefore, you might be scared. I just want to let you know that you will survive well at Gibault without many difficulties. The small problems are nothing. Rather, they prepare you for the bigger world, college (and life). I highly recommend that you become part of the Gibault family and experience the new world along with good people! Good luck! Seung-hee Han Seoul, South Korea Class of 2011

Seung-hee Han

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