Thank you for your interest in hosting an international student! Educatius is proud to have a long and successful history of working with host families, and we'd love to have you on board.

Who is eligible to host?
All types of families are encouraged to apply! There is no “typical” host family: families can have small or teenage children at home, single parents, couples with no children, or people that have older children already outside of the home.

Families shouldn’t worry about being too busy — the more opportunity the student has to experience your life, the better!

How are students selected and screened?

Our Students:

  • Are between 14-19 years old on arrival. High school age 9th -12th grade
  • Demonstrate a commitment to academic motivation, show maturity to succeed on the program and possess solid grades. While English levels vary, all students have studied English and passed an English Proficiency test.
  • Are in good general health and meet the medical criteria
What do you need to know about my family to host? 
We go through a very thorough process to make sure that our families are ready to host. Please start your Host Family Application and email the completed form to hostfamily@educatius.org.

I can't commit to hosting for a semester or year — are there shorter opportunities?
Yes! You can become a Welcome Family, which means that you host a student upon their arrival for 6-8 weeks while we work to secure a home for the student in your community.

Can I host more than one student?
Yes, many families host two students at a time. Some host families decide hosting two is better than one and find the hosting experience is even more rewarding. They must speak different native languages so that they only use English in your home. If you are hosting two students who will be sharing a bedroom; it needs to be large enough to accommodate two comfortably.

Are host families responsible for enrolling their students in school?
Yes, although we first get permission from the high school to accept your student.

We also work with the schools to ensure students are in compliance with each school’s policies and procedures. Your family will fill out the same paperwork at the school as you would for your own children. You and your student will meet with the counselor to determine the classes your student will take. Our students must enroll in a full course load, including English and US History. Our Local Coordinators can offer suggestions and assistance if needed.

What do I do if problems arise?
We have a lot of experience in placing students with families, and we provide extensive support throughout the year. We will try and work through adjustment issues that can be common. However, if the placement does not work out satisfactorily, Educatius assumes responsibility to move the student to another family. 

How do I start my application?
Make sure that someone from Educatius has sent you via email a link to log into our Zapp tool and begin the application process. You can work directly with your Local Coordinator to address your questions. In the meantime, feel free to download these instructions to get started.

What do I do with health-related issues? Our health insurance provider is UnitedHealthCare for international students while studying in the United States. Please call their toll-free hotline number regarding any questions with coverage for health care at (800) 251-1712. The student will need his/her ID-Card when visiting the doctor's office.
For minor procedures and treatments, there are many urgent care and walk-in clinics to assist. International students will pay $350.00 for emergency room visits and additional charges may apply. Please read all the health care insurance guidelines before visiting a doctor. All pre-existing medical conditions are excluded from this policy.

What if I want Educatius to feature my picture — or my family — in future promotional materials?
Please print, sign and submit our Educatius media/photo release for all US citizens. For children under 18 years of age, please sign and submit the Media Release for Children Under 18 years of age. For adults, please sign and submit Media Release for Adults in the US with your signature.

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