Student Testimonials

International students share their experiences staying with American and Canadian host families!
 Educatius International host family for international student   

Student from Brazil

If you ask me if I miss my Brazilian family, I would say yes! I miss my family. But I have many people that I love here, and they're my family too! I’m very lucky that I have two amazing families. My heart is half Brazilian and half American!

- Julia F.

  Educatius International host family for exchange students

Student from Thailand

This is my host dad, but I've never called him "Host Dad." I've been calling him "Dad" since the first time I talked to him! We've done a lot of things together: going to dinner, watching movies, and shopping in malls. I love to hang out with him. We have similar personalities, so we are very close. I'm going to miss him.

I love him so much!

- Pattiya J. 

Educatius International host family for exchange students

Student from Brazil

It's funny that I have to leave my family to go back to my family. These past few months, I've lived with the girls in this picture, and they were amazing. There's nothing I wouldn't do to experience this all over again.

- Carolina K.


Educatius International host family international students

Student from Italy

Living with an American host family was really different from being in an Italian family. The habits are different. The types of houses are different. But it was good, and I really enjoyed it. I've learned so much!

If I could go back, I would do everything  the same way I did the first time.

- Violetta S.

Educatius International host family for international students

Student from Peru

I live with a host mom and a host sister, and they have become a great part of my life. Your host family is your main support in the U.S. They've treated me like a member of their family since the very beginning. I've never felt isolated from the rest of them.

- Anna C.


Educatius International host family for international students

Student from Brazil

The best part of my experience has been my host family! They made me feel so welcome, and they treated me like a real child. At first, I was supposed to stay for just 6 months, but I felt so good with them that I decided to extend my program to a year!

- Barbara D.

 Educatius International host family for exchange students

Student from Vietnam

This is my new family in America. I think this is the most difficult moment in my life. However, it's also the best moment in my life. I just want to say thank you to the wonderful people who help us become international students! To my best host family, my school, and to people who have become my friends. Life is very short. Just enjoy it!

- Quoc L.


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