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Spain Classic Program

Program Facts

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  • Grades Accepted
  • Accommodation Type
    Homestay Accommodation
  • Program Length
    Fall Semester, Fall Year, Short-Term, Spring Semester

Program Description

While Spain’s famous tradition of bullfighting is declining, its hip, urban foodie scene is up and coming. Cubist Pablo Picasso, Don Quixote author Miguel de Cervantes, actress Penelope Cruz, and tennis star Rafael Nadal are all native Spaniards.

With over 400 million (!) Spanish speakers, the language makes one of the biggest in the world. This means that you will open many doors by studying here, both regarding future career possibilities but not least when it comes to connecting with new people. Look forward to an exchange year full of sunshine, language skills, and friendships!

Classic High School is the traditional high school program that most students choose. This is the perfect choice for you who long for a genuine exchange experience. We match you with a carefully selected host family and high school in Spain. You can be placed in a bustling big city, charming coastal town, or on the countryside close to the nature. This is the program for you that are open-minded, and excited to try new things.

Educatius Classic Program in Spain

Ages Accepted
Other Eligibility
Recommend a minimum of 2 years of Spanish.