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US Summer Immersion Program

Program Facts

  • Grades Accepted
    9, 10, 11, 12
  • Accommodation Type
    Homestay Accommodation
  • Program Length

Program Description

Designed for high school international students worldwide, Educatius USA Summer Immersion Program is for international students who want to spend their summer school holiday in the USA. International students will not attend American high school but will be immersed into the American lifestyle while living with an American host family. Current F-1 international students, already studying abroad in the USA, are welcomed to apply and can experience living in another state. Students should come with their own pocket money, medical insurance, and good English skills.

Why apply for the USA Summer Immersion Program?

  • You always wanted to visit the USA for a summer or extend their study abroad
  • You always wondered how Americans lead their everyday lives
  • You always wanted to build lifelong friendships
  • You are mature and independent enough to explore on your own, meet new people and have fun

How long is the USA Summer Immersion Program?

International students can enroll for 3 to 8 weeks during their summer vacation, starting with June 15th arrivals and ending with departures by August 31st.

Who are individual immersion students? And how are international students selected for the program?

Summer immersion students are curious and independent teenagers who are excited to experience American culture. Students are carefully screened by Educatius overseas offices and partners for maturity, independence, personality, and interest to explore the United States. Students must speak English with a minimum ELTiS score of 215. 

Will immersion students stay with American host families?

All immersion program students will be living with American host families. They will participate in the family’s daily life and routines, including helping around the house and talking with family members about their country. The host families are asked to provide a bed (the room can be shared with a host sibling of similar age) and three meals a day at home. 

For an extra fee, students can choose to be placed in the state of California or metro Boston. Considered of one the most diverse locations in the US, spend the summer exploring the city of Los Angeles or historical Boston!

What are some possible activities for the program?

Educatius Local Coordinators will provide support to international students in their local communities. There are no structured activities while on this program. Students will be immersed in the lives of their host family and are able to explore when their host parents are working or busy. The coordinator and the host family will always be there to guide their international students on things to do and see in the area.

What is the deadline to apply for the USA Summer Immersion Program?

Students must enroll by April 15th to ensure space in a program and a timely placement.

Can I go in a group?

We can arrange for groups to participate on the Summer Immersion program for 3 weeks duration. For Group programs, Educatius coordinators will arrange enhancement activities. Some of these activities may include English classes, sightseeing or educational trips, volunteering projects, visits to the local high schools or universities, etc

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