Students at the Newman School walk down the steps of the Boston Public Library

Find Best USA High Schools for International Students

International students need expert guidance to find the best high school in the USA. Educatius Group has helped thousands of international students find the perfect high school. Search our high schools for exactly what you want - we'll help you apply and our experienced staff takes care you before and during your stay!

Educatius Group works directly with over 200 top high schools in America - you can choose the exact one that's right for you.   What's your dream for studying in the USA?

  • A location like California, Boston, New York, Arizona, Florida, New England, Midwest 
  • A sport like basketball, football or golf
  • A program like STEM, STEAM, AP courses or IB
  • A particular language, music or arts program
  • An F-1 public, private or boarding school
  • A Year, Semester, Multiple Years or Short Term


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We are the largest organization in the world dedicated to helping foreign students study high school abroad. In the USA, we have been listed for 5 years in a row by CSIET for the quality management of our USA F-1 Inbound Day High School program, and now we have ISO: 9001 certification, as well.

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