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USA High Schools for International Students

Do you want to know how to continue studying high school in the USA?

If you are an international student currently on a J-1 High School program in the USA, you are probably already wondering how you can continue to study high school after your J-1 Exchange year is finished.

The US Department of State limits the J-1 High School Program to only 1 academic year for foreign students.

However, international students who want to continue studying in the USA can switch to the F-1 High School Program.

What is the F-1 High School Program in America?

The F-1 High School program is available at Public, Private and Boarding Schools in the USA that have SEVIS approval to issue I-20s to students (the paperwork you will need to apply for an F-1 study visa). Foreign students can easily take their J-1 application materials and use those to apply for an F-1 high school program and continue studying when their J-1 year is complete, until they graduate and earn a high school diploma.

Public, Private Day or Boarding School in the USA - What’s Best?

International students can study for multiple years in the USA on an F-1 high school visa at a Private or Boarding high school. At a Public school, international students are still limited to 1 year.

Ask a student advisor about the F-1 High School program that can let you continue high school in the USA, and even earn a US high school diploma! We'll help you find the perfect high school and place you in a safe and welcoming accommodation during your stay. In 2018, we placed and supported the largest number of international students in the USA on F-1 High School programs listed by CSIET. Educatius Group is also certified by ISO 9001 for its Quality Management.

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