Students on the front steps of a Canadian high school, in downtown Toronto

Apply for High School in Canada

Educatius Group helps international students study at top high schools in Canada. Our expert team helps foreign students each step of the way.

There is a high school that is the perfect fit for everyone in Canada, including schools in Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec and Newfoundland. Choose from high schools with STEM programs, Sports Academies, IB Programmes or French Immersion. Safe and friendly city locations like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. Students can even be accepted with a low level of English language skill.

Which High School is Best?

We partner directly with public districts and private and boarding high schools across Canada. Our Student Advisors work closely with students and parents to understand which school is right for each student’s goals, experience, and budgets. You can choose the perfect school or district for you!

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Who Takes Care of the Students?

International students living and studying far from home need a lot of support. Educatius Group is the largest organization in the world dedicated to high school programs for international students – we have decades of experience taking care of students.

Students live with a carefully screened Canadian host family. Our 100% Host Family Happiness Guarantee makes sure that you are happy with your family placement – whether you have an issue before you land in Canada, or after you arrive!

In addition to a caring family, you have the support of the entire Educatius Group organization! Our Regional Managers support the students in their Canadian Homestay, helping the student adjust to life at school and in their community; each one handles an average of fewer than 10 students, so every student gets the attention they need. Our 24/7 toll-free hotline is available day and night in case of emergencies.

Canada High School Fees

International students pay for tuition to high schools as well as staying with a Canadian host family. And most importantly for the experienced ongoing support and care to help young students be safe and academically/socially successful throughout their program!

Canadian High School fees depend on the length of study, location and type of school. Private and boarding schools are more expensive than public schools, cities like Toronto are more expensive than smaller towns.

Approximate High School Package Fees (including tuition, host family accommodation and ongoing supervision and visa paperwork):

Public High School Semester: $11,000 - $18,000 CAD / Semester
Public High School Academic Year: $21,000 - $33,000 CAD / Academic Year
Private and Boarding High Schools Academic Year: $34,000 - $59,000 CAD / Academic Year

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