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Study High School in California

Studying High School in California is the most popular choice for international students. Imagine studying and living in Los Angeles, Malibu, Santa Monica, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Silicon Valley and more!

Choose YOUR dream California high school location!

Educatius Group works directly with over 30 top high schools in California that accept international students on the F-1 visa program. The F-1 program requires international students to pay tuition to the high school. This allows students to choose exactly where they want to study – their dream location and apply to a high school / district that offers what they want. It’s true that the F-1 program fees are more than the J-1 program – but you get so much more!

Educatius Group’s Public, Private and Boarding F-1 schools in California let foreign students choose exactly the high school that is best for them

You can choose:

  • A location in areas like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Sacramento and even the beautiful Rocky Mountains.
  • An academic high school in California with AP courses, STEM, IB, computer programming or specific languages that prepares you for a top university.
  • A California high school with a competitive sports team like basketball, tennis, swimming, dance, cheerleading, golf or football.
  • A high school in California with strong arts programs – like photography, performing arts, orchestra, painting, 3D art, multimedia, acting or TV/Movie production.
  • To study high school for 10-12 weeks, a semester, an academic year or multiple years

Who is Educatius Group?

Educatius Group is the largest organization that helps international students apply to and study at F-1 high schools in the USA. Our experienced team of 60 full time and 200 part time staff in the USA help students understand which high school is the best for their goals and budget, guide them to apply to their top high school, place them in a safe host family and support them during their stay.

Our 100% Host Family Happiness Commitment

Our 100% Host Family Happiness commitment makes sure that students will be happy with their host family placement. We always take great care to place international students with a great host family – but if for some reason the student is not satisfied before or after their arrival, we will change the family.

Check-out our favorite schools in California

Quarry Lane School Student in STEM class

The Quarry Lane School

A short drive from San Francisco, the Quarry Lane School offers the prestigious International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB) in addition to 19 AP courses. MIT staff members also teach the school's STEM department and is rated one of the best Private High Schools for STEM.


Whittier Christian High School college acceptances


Whittier Christian High School

Located in outside of Los Angeles, Whittier Christian High School offers a 1:1 iPad Instructional Program and the flexibility to study five academic tracks. The school is also within driving distance of the famous Hollywood Sign, Long Beach, and downtown Los Angeles.

Birmingham Chater High School students

Birmingham Charter High School

Birmingham Community Charter High School is a US public high school, located just north of Los Angeles and a short drive from Universal Studios. The California charter high school places a strong emphasis on curriculum in the fields of science, health, and STEM. The school’s personalized Small Learning Communities group students by common interest.

Squaw Valley students on campus

Squaw Valley Academy

Surrounded by Tahoe National Forest, Lake Tahoe, and Squaw Valley Ski Resort, Squaw Valley Academy incorporates daily outdoor activity into its college preparatory curriculum. The school features year-round athletic opportunities, individualized instruction, and an Apple laptop for each student.


Mission College Prep students enjoying a beautiful day on campus

Mission College Preparatory Catholic
High School

Mission College Preparatory Catholic High School is located on the central coast of California. Along with an array of Advanced Placement courses, the high school offers 50 college prep courses and is certified by the University of California. Elective offerings also include video production, electronic robotics, digital photography, art, creative writing, music, and drama.

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