Join Sport and Art Programs at US High Schools

What’s the best part about attending a US high school? The endless opportunities to participate on athletic teams and join performing arts courses!

Depending on the US state and school, international students can join athletic teams and even receive professional coaching when studying at an American high school. Educatius Group is partnered with over 240 schools that offer a variety of athletic teams; some popular sports include American football, soccer, baseball, basketball, track and field, cross country, and swimming!

Interested in focusing and developing your music, art, theater, or other creative talents? American high schools offer many clubs and courses to develop and showcase students’ talents. Inquire to find out more about our high school partners that are performing arts schools and academics. 

Many of public and private high schools offer amazing sports and arts programs. International students can look forward too…

  • Championship athletic teams
  • Award winning theater, music, and art programs
  • Teaching from professional instructors and coaches
  • Opportunities to perform and showcase your skills athletically or creatively

Partnering with over 240 American high schools with sports and arts programs gives F-1 international students the choice of what and where they would like to study. Imagine studying at a American Private High School in Florida with an elite hockey team that is coached by former NHL players. Or studying at an American boarding school in Maine with AP Art courses, music, and theater classes.

Outside of their high school, international students receive incredible support with Educatius Group. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff help exchange students throughout the process of studying abroad. Students can stay with a caring Educatius host family and have the comfort of our 100% Host Family Happiness Guarantee. Students can also choose a boarding school with dorm located right on campus! Not to mention, Educatius' Day School program has been listed by CSIET for 5 years and Educatius Group is certified by ISO 9001 in the USA - a testament to our ongoing pursuit for quality.

Educatius Group is the largest organization that helps international students apply to and study at F-1 high schools in the USA and Canada. Want more information about Educatius Group? Click here to learn more about us and how we can help you achieve your dream.

Check-out some of our favorite top high schools with great sport and art programs!

Golf Academy at Lake Mary Preparatory School

Lake Mary Preparatory School

Lake Mary, Florida 

Lake Mary Preparatory School's competitive athletics program has won state championships in several sports but is best known for its outstanding golf program, the golf team won the 2019 State Championship. Lake Mary collaborates with Mike Bender Golf Academy and Eagles Dream Golf Academy. The school's arts program offers students unique opportunities in disciplines such as drama, music, graphic design, photography, and fine arts.

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Burlington Christian Acdemy students

Burlington Christian Academy

Burlington, North Carolina

Burlington Christian Academy offers a sports program in which all students are encouraged to participate. This includes over 15 different sports teams! And passionate teachers work to bring meaning to the arts program and stimulate interest and creativity through courses and extracurricular activities. Students interested in music can join the RoyalKeys, the school’s a capella group, which has received awards for their outstanding performances.


Thornton Academy choir preform during a concert

Thornton Academy

Thornton, Maine

As a member of Maine’s top athletic league, Thornton Academy offers several competitive varsity sports. Their football, tennis, golf, swimming, and volleyball teams consistently place top in the state or region. Thornton’s dramatic arts are regarded as a highly developed program that includes courses in theater basics, acting, and technical theater with a focus on media arts.

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