Arnau, attending Erie First Christian Academy, PA

My name is Arnau Perramon Giralt, I'm from Spain and I'm 18 years old what means that I have already been graduated in Spain, so I'm taking this year of studies in the USA because when I got graduated in Spain I wasn't really sure of what I wanted to study in university, so I felt like I needed to see more world, have a gap year and enjoy it but also learning a powerful tool which is the English language and so Educatius was the best way to do it.

In my country I'm a magician with some background of working experience, so here in USA I try to improve my skills but in a very different ambiance, because of the language but also because of the character and culture of American people, that make their reactions to the illusions somehow different from the European people reactions. Since I've been here I performed two times already once In a Magic Festival, and another in a Clown School, besides all the small spontaneous performances of closeup magic in bars and restaurants that I've been. Take a look at my magic act in the video below: