Jinzhen, attending Burlington High School, MA

Hi, every human being out there, my name is Jinzhen Hu or Hugo, from China, current study in Massachusetts US as an international student. This year is my second year study in American. My first year is in Texas as an exchange student. With a purpose of experiencing American culture and challenging myself, I took the flight from China to US and begin my exchange year. During my exchange year, I fitted into the native American culture and surprisingly enjoyed everything here. The America I used to know from TV show or Movie is different than the real one, and even more attractive. And That the reason I start my second year, in Massachusetts. Fun fact about myself, America is the only country I been to other than China (Kind like a fun fact for me). I like all kinds of science (Feel like every Chinese like science too), especially chemistry. Favorite show, Agent of SHIELD of course. I also like drawing stuff, you can see some of my drawing on my Instagram (username: hujinzhen). Love life, so far, so good.