Ronja, attending Mount Tahoma High School, WA

My name is Ronja Skjoelberg, I'm 17 y/o and I'm from Norway. In my home country I used to play a sport called Handball (It doesn't exist in the US) and I played it for almost 10 years. I love to go skiing and a funny thing people say about Norwegians is "Norwegians is practically born with skis on their feet".  I also love to take pictures and do my makeup and makeup is something I can see myself working with in the future. I decided to study abroad because I wanted to experience a new culture, new language and meet new people. It's also an opportunity not many get to experience, so I'm so grateful for my parents and family for letting me live in the US for almost a year. So far I love it so much and I don't regret on going at all. I've only been here for 3 months and I've already met so many amazing people including my host family, my foreign host sister, and my new friends! And I'm looking forward for the next 7 months here in USA.