Thank you for your interest in hosting an international student with Educatius UK and Ireland

We have many years of experience of placing students and have put together some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that we are often asked when meeting potential host families for the first time. 

What should a Host Family provide for the students?

All host families receive a payment for food and accommodation. The student must be provided with his or her own bed and a quiet place to study. Families may take two students ideally in their own room. If these two students are to share a room it should be large enough to comfortably accommodate them and with some amount of privacy for both. They will also require 3 meals a day (a packed lunch for school days). 

Do they do their own washing or do we?

This depends on the existing family rules, if you expect your own children to put on washing loads themselves explain this to the student. Otherwise the family should do a weekly laundry wash for the student. 

Who pays for the toiletries? 

A student is informed that they are responsible for any personal items that they may require but if you have toiletries for general use please inform the student. 

Is it ok for them to change the bed and keep their own room tidy?

Yes, if this is something family members are expected to assist with then so should the student. They should be treated as a regular member of the family. The family should think about their household rules and what they would expect of their new family and inform the student on arrival. 

What should we do for the students birthday? 

It's completely up to you! Speak as a family if you want to arrange something to celebrate. 

What happens at Christmas? 

Some students will stay to experience Christmas with you other students might decide to return home at Christmas. They'll arrange this themselves so please check with them and their school as to when they are able to do this. The student should inform you of departure and return dates and flight information. All Australian and non-European students arriving in September taking part in a semester or Academic year programme will be staying for Christmas. 

If there is an issue of the student doesn't get on with us or like it here, what do we do? 

The Educatius Student and Host Family Liaison will be available to assist with any advice you may need. They will help find a solution by talking to all parties and mediating. Occasional issues are a result of miscommunication but if there is a complete breakdown in relations, then it may be decided to find a new Host Family for the student. 

Should they help themselves to food any time of the day?

Students should be expected to respect the family and mealtimes. Any extra meals or snacks outside of this are at the complete discretion of the family but it is usual to allow students to access soft drinks, fruit and any other snacks between meals. 

What shall we cook?

You should cook what you normally cook, we recommend talking with the student at the beginning of the stay and throughout in case they have any particular likes or dislikes. Any dietary requirements (vegetarian, lactose-free, celiac) will be communicated to a family prior to acceptance. 

Will I have contact with the natural parents?

The natural parents may contact you to get updates as to how their child is settling in and progressing. However, if you find they are contacting you too often please inform the Educatius Liaison Officer. If the natural parents mention coming to visit please let us know. 

What happens when we go on holiday?

We don't recommend that families take holidays during the student's stay but if they holiday has been pre-arranged or there is a family function or reason for being away please let us know as soon as possible and we'll arrange temporary accommodation for the student. Some families invite the student on holiday with them which the student pays for themselves. 

Should we attend parents evening? 

We encourage host families to attend a school event like this. It's a good way to check that the student is getting on well at school and allows the teachers to give independent feedback. If the family has attended the parents evening and has concerns over the student, please get in touch with the Educatius Liaison Officer. 

Is there insurance cover for hosts or damage to host property?

All students arrive with a comprehensive insurance that covers all eventualities during their stay. Educatius also has Public Liability Insurance. 

Can I take more than one student?

Yes, of course. You would only be able to take two of the same gender but different nationality. You are not able to host other students from other organisations. 

How long should students stay on the computer / internet for?

A lot of homework is now put online, so any time needed for school work should not be limited. However time spent on social networking sites should be limited especially at the start of their stay; students are fully aware that excessive contact with friends and family will prolong any homesickness. 

What can I do if I have an emergency?

Your Liaison Officer will be available in most cases but we also have a 24 hour emergency number which will be provided on arrival of the student. 

I want to be a Host Family... what happens now?

If you have read this and want to sign up please complete the sign up form on our website. Our placement staff will be in touch to find out more about you and your family. 

If this initial contact proves successful the next step is to arrange a home visit to meet you and your family and view the house. After this you will be given a link to an online system called Zapp which you'll complete information about your family on so that we can match a suitable student to you. 

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