UK Private Schools

The private education system in the UK is renowned throughout the world. The Educatius UK private programme offers the opportunity for students to study at some of the most prestigious private day and boarding schools in the country. Students will have the opportunity to excel in an academically astute and often international environment. All applicants on the programme will benefit from a personal approach to their studies in an exclusive school community. 

We have put together a portfolio of carefully selected schools from which students can choose their preferred study experience. Our schools offer excellent locations, a wide range of subjects, academic excellence, sport or music specialisms and outstanding pastoral care. 

UK Private Boarding Schools

  • Overview 

Boarding schools in England are the elite of the high school education system, yet offer a warm and inclusive environment for all students. Boarding schools are focused on entrance to university and prepares students to succeed in higher education and their future. Many international students choose to attend boarding schools for multiple years in pursuit of A-Level or IB qualifications and aspire to attend a top university. No other high school programme can offer a more thorough start to an academic career. Boarding schools have small class sizes which give students extra attention. Course selections are diverse and students have a great variety of classes to choose from. 

Our Private Boarding programme is open to students aged 11 - 18. 

  • Academics and Extra-Curricular Activities

The academics at boarding schools are of high standards and students are challenged to creatively tackle problems in class. For those students requiring extra support in their English we have a number of schools that are equipped for assisting in this. All of our boarding school enrich the students with a wealth of extra curricular activities including sports programmes, performing arts and much more. 

  • Locations

Many of our boarding schools date back centuries and some are in incredible scenic locations in the heart of the English countryside whilst others are in the heart of our exciting capital city, London. 

For the full list and information on our private boarding schools please visit our page here. 

UK Private Day Schools 

  • Overview

Studying at a private day school allows international students the opportunity to enjoy the best of everything! The academic preparatory environment and top arts, sports and facilities of a private day school combined with living with a supportive host family. Students can choose a school that meets their dreams and goals - based on academic courses, arts, sports and most importantly; location in the UK. We place students at schools throughout England some very desirable locations including our wonderful capital city, London. 

The programme includes

  • Host Family accommodation with half board (breakfast and dinner throughout the week) / full board at the weekend
  • Hot lunches at school Monday - Friday
  • For all our students enrolled at a Private Day school Educatius will provide a host family within 45 minutes of the school and a full guardianship package
  • Academics & Extra-Curricular Activities

On the private day programme, students can study for a semester, an academic year or multiple years in the UK. While some students wish to get a feel for life in Britain or improve their English and gain an accent, others choose to study for multiple years in order to prepare for a top university. Private schools offer much more than interesting and challenging classes, they also provide a wealth of extra-curricular activities in arts, leadership or sports. Browse each school profile to explore all the possibilities. 

Our private day programme is open to students aged 14 - 18. 

For the full list and information on our private day schools please visit our page here.