UK State School

Exciting State School options for international teenagers in the United Kingdom!  


State (or Public) High Schools in the UK provide an exciting and well-resourced curriculum allowing students to focus on their own individualised study pathway. The qualifications achieved are internationally recognised and provide students with the perfect grounding for Higher Education. 

Our most popular programme is our non-choice State High School option.  


Some reasons why a student should choose the UK:

  1. International Recognised Courses & Qualifications 
  2. Access to Renowned and Well-Respected Universities
  3. Public (State) School system that is well resourced and funded offering a range of Academic options including A-Levels and BTECs
  4. Centuries of history and culture 
  5. The home of the English language with majority British student body

…and much more!

 Educatius Group has some fantastic state school options for students holding an EU/EEA passport as well as those from international locations! 

Educatius UK EU programmes

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Educatius UK International Programmes

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