Application and Payment Process

From enquiry to placement as quickly as possible

We aim to make the process of our Classic & Select State application as smooth and efficient as possible. 

1. Agent has potential student - check that the students fit the minimum eligibility requirements for the Classic programme or Select School 

2. Send pre-application through to Educatius UK 

3. Educatius UK aims to respond within 48 hours 

4. If the application is viable we invite the Agent to set up a new student application on our Zapp system* 

5. Once the Zapp application is completed and submitted the Agent will receive invoice for payment and Educatius UK will start the process of finalising the school and Host Family placement 

6. Full balance payment due 6 weeks prior to arrival of the student after which the Host Family and school information will be released

*If the Agent is not set up with Zapp for Educatius Group or has never sent a student through to the UK before we will be happy to assist with setting this up. It's quite an easy to use and very important for lots of our student management systems.