Select State School UK

Select the state school that best fits your needs!

Educatius offers the option for students to "Select" the educational establishment of their choosing from our portfolio of state schools that we feel offers

  • excellent location
  • wide range of subjects to choose from
  • academic excellence
  • specialisms
  • outstanding pastoral care

This is the perfect programme for a student that wishes to be absolutely certain of their school, location and subjects they can take prior to enrolling. Our schools are situated throughout the UK and students are able to select one school and Educatius will enrol them in this school. 

Why choose the Select State Programme? 

Alicia Student Profile Image United Kingdom

Alicia from Spain - Loreto Grammar School in Manchester, England

Alicia quickly settled into her high school experience in England and became an integral part of her school year group. As a massive Harry Potter fan, Alicia embraced the uniform and the formality of her chosen SELECT State school. 

There are many advantages to our Select programme and for many students and parents it is the preferred option for the following reasons: 

  • Get to know the school and placement area well in advance
  • Choose the school that best fits the needs and interests of the student
  • Be sure of high quality education and subject choices
  • Find a school that has a wide range of extra curricular activities

Educatius has Select schools that accept Academic Year and Semester students. 

Please get in touch with us to receive information and school portfolios!

Acceptance Criteria for the Select State Programme

Please refer to the individual Select State school profiles provided by Educatius for the acceptance criteria for these schools. Our Select State schools generally require higher grades and English ability than our Classic programmes.  Our Select State programmes are available for ages 16 - 18 only. 

Enrolment of a student is at the discretion of the school acceptance staff and should a student not be successful in their first choice of school the Educatius placement staff will recommend suitable alternatives to offer the student.