Accommodation Options

Need a home away from home? We can help! Educatius offer housing assistance to our international students whether you have booked a college program with us or not.

We can place students in:

Homestay: The homestay option gives students the wonderful chance of experiencing life with an American family. All families are unique and may be older, may be younger, they may have kids, they may not have kids, they may come from diverse cultural backgrounds and so on. The average distance from homestay to the college campus is about 40-60 min by public transportation. Meals can be provided by the family.

Student Residence: in the student residence, you will live with other students in a building complex. You will share rooms and other common areas. Most residences are self-catering, which means that meals are not provided. Some options might include meals. The residences can be on-campus or within walking-distance.

Educatius also offers Airport Pickup and Health Insurance for our international students.