Which students are best for Community College?
  • Students who need to improve their English skills: our schools offer great English support for our students
  • Students whose ultimate goal is to study at a top American university like UCLA, UC Berkeley, or Columbia University
  • Students who want to have the best cost-benefit and study in attractive locations
What services does ECUS provide on Community College program?
  • Application management and support: Support in every step of application process. Many colleges simply ignore incomplete applications, but we are constantly following up to ensure FAST ACCEPTANCE AND I-20 ISSUANCE
  • Housing Assistance: we help students to find a home away from home during their studies in the US
  • Airport Pickup
  • Health Insurance
  • Translation of Transcripts
  • Facilitated Payment Methods: we establish special invoicing practices with our preferred partners, so you can plan your finances

How is community college different from regular college?
Community college provides only the first 2 years of a bachelor degree. To get a full bachelor degree you must transfer into a 4-year university and complete the remaining 2 years.

Housing Options: Homestay or Student Residence?
Unlike residential colleges, many community colleges lack on-campus housing — most students live nearby. Here we can help you with homestay or student residence placements.

Which students are best for Transfer Program (2+2)?
The Community College transfer program is especially beneficial for international students who dream of attending very prestigious American universities like UC Berkeley, Columbia, Yale, Carnegie Mellon , and UCLA but:
  • Don’t have the minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) required for admission
  • Don’t have required test scores such as TOEFL/IELTS/ SAT or ACT
  • Can’t afford 4 years of regular tuition costs at highly ranked institutions

Is it easy to transfer after 2 years?
Yes, if you are a serious student you can transfer to many top 4-year universities without any problems. Our community colleges have transfer guarantee programs where you can transfer seamlessly to a top 4-year university.

What is High School Fas Track Program?
In Washington or New York State, qualified students can skip up to two years of high school, take college classes at a community college, and receive dual credit for both a high school diploma and a two-year college associate degree. International students must finish at least 10th Grade (Year 1) of high school before attending the college, although finishing 11th Grade (Year 2) is highly recommended. Students can save one or two years in earning their bachelor's degrees. Extra time will be needed if students do not have TOEFL 61 or IELTS 5.5 and must start in Intensive ESL.

What is the advantage of going to community college?
  • Save time and money
  • Flexible Admission Requirements
  • English Support
  • Experience College Life in the US

Do community colleges have the same reputation and academic level like 4-year universities?
Lots of community colleges provide much more support for international students than some 4-year schools. They have smaller classes, more staff and resources to provide language tutoring. Good community college can be as good academically as many of the 4 year colleges.

Can I get scholarship for community college?
No, community colleges are quite inexpensive already. Additionally, there is work opportunities for international students on campus. You might be able to work up to 20 hours a week to make extra spending money.

What if I missed a deadline?
No Problem! Educatius has a few partners that operate on the quarter system, and accept students on a rolling admission. Please contact us if you missed the deadline and we will provide a solution.