Why Students Choose this Program

Why international students choose the USA
Quality Education – International recognition for research & innovation. The USA has the largest number of Nobel Prize-winning faculty who teach at universities, including several who teach at Educatius International partner universities!

Choice – American Universities offer a wide range of academic majors, which are also highly flexible if a student wishes to change his field of study.

Connections – When you study in the USA as an international student you will make lifelong connections with classmates, faculty, and business leaders, which will help you launch a successful career.

Campus Life:
All of Educatius International's partner universities are hand-picked to offer international students the complete American college experience in addition to competitive academics. Campus life ranges from urban to suburban to rural, with each university offering a unique environment. International students enjoy American campus spirit, student-run activities, campus events, special lectures, and more.

International students can choose to watch their own nationally competitive college sports team in Divisions 1, 2, and 3 or play intramural sports on campus with their classmates. Sporting events of all sizes are a great way to get involved in the university community and experience college social life.

Housing & Accommodation:
College in the United States becomes a second home for many international students, so we carefully coordinate housing and meal plans. Most first-year international students choose to have the full American college experience and live in campus dormitories. This is a terrific way to meet other international students, and develop friendships with American students.

Future Career for international students in the USA:
There are several possibilities to get real-life, hands-on job experience. International students can participate in university work study and internships at American companies. Our colleges and universities also help coordinate career fairs for our international students, where they can learn about internships and find local hire opportunities for international jobs.

One of the greatest benefits of attending college in the United States is the opportunity for a 12-18 month employment known as OPT (Optional Professional Training). After receiving a college or university diploma, students can work full time at an American company. Educatius and our partner colleges help students find suitable positions with competitive salaries.